Contra campana variations in Cuban popular music
Contra campana variations that may be applied to timbales and drumset in popular Latin music (timba, salsa, etc.), funk and more.
Cáscara variations for drum set
Improve your hand independence while playing the standard Cuban cáscara pattern.
6/8 Bell-Hand Coordination
Develop your bembé/güiro vocabulary while playing a 6/8 bell pattern.
6/8 Hand-Foot Coordination
Learn okónkolo patterns in your feet and play them against a two-drum Colúmbia Cuban folkloric pattern on congas.
Hand-to-Hand Exercises (for 3 congas)
Hand-to-hand exercises to develop fluid movement between three congas.
Steve Gadd's Mozambique
A breakdown of Steve Gadd's Mozambique filmed in Los Angeles, CA. In this example, Gadd outlines the basic pattern starting on the hi-hat, then to full kit, then adds variations by re-voicing the pattern.
Freddie Gruber's "Ruffs to Rolls"
A classic exercise from legendary Freddie Gruber that develops smooth, relaxed rolls in an interesting way.